Zemi Beach Anguilla


This hotel is very, very expensive. But almost everything worth a damn in Anguilla is. Outside of location issues, which I think exist everywhere in anguilla, it was pretty damn nice. They had just opened so some things were meh, but you could tell it will easily be one of the best hotels anywhere around.

It is very separated from things (except gwens which was very close).
They bought us a drink at the beach restaurant while we were having lunch because the room wasn’t ready yet, and the ops manager was super nice and personally handled it. The room was absolutely fantastic!!! once we got in it.
Spa was not completely ready and they really didn’t have their shit together (no pool mud and the showers are a little misleading, as they are just showers and not the magical rainfall experience they describe). The hammam was super meh (the only hammam in the Caribbean they say, but they designer has never seen a real hammam apparently! It was bright and clear in that silly room) and the spa staff was hardly informed.
The pool service was terrible but the pool itself was great. Beach bar service was pretty terrible as well. There was a secondary pool below our room that was pretty sweet as well, but we didn’t use it.
I would say that every single person was super nice walking around, they just weren’t trained yet.
Room service pizza came with no water, silverware, or anything else. Room service pasta was the wrong pasta type and it was super small and super expensive (and only one silverware roll this time and with no bread). On that room service we ordered and got a bottle of wine but got charged for a single glass…so we won one that time.
Taxis were $26 to go anywhere, anywhere.
The hotel restaurants weren’t fully open (and Valentine’s dinner was 144 a person and utterly ridiculous looking).
Rooms were 600 a night. Room service was 24 hours, mini bar was weak, and there is no pay per view.

Despite this poo poo review, this place is gonna be bad ass once everything is open and everyone knows their shit. We stayed there like a week after opening, and got a bit screwed because of it.


-We did order a different room service bottle of wine that we never even got.
-I was also quite disappointed that the room was on the first floor even though the hotel was empty.