Westin DC City Center


Stayed in a basic King room here. Got a decent view of Thompson Circle with one of those weird half balconies that isn’t quite a balcony at all (oh the French). Doesn’t matter anyway though…cause they permanently sealed that shit apparently.

Lobby is decent (typical bar plus a starbucks and a snack pantry) and the location is close enough to most things, but farther than many of the DC Kimptons typically are (though there is a Kimpton right across the street). Westin beds are some of the best in the business. This room has a crappy shower, but they did try with a rainfall head attachment. Pretty basic room. The TV is pretty sick though. Might be the best hotel room TV I’ve seen (‘cept for those Donovan peeps!).

Good and modern pay per view including 24 hour action. Room service is 24 hours but late night options are meh. The 11am to 11pm options are pretty decent though (maybe slightly too nice). Though they do have a cold mini bar, it doesn’t have shit in it….lame.


-Westin’s are all about the same. Can’t expect anything very cool.