Westin Arlington


I’ve sort of decided this is no longer my go to Arlington hotel. It’s just not that great.

Good Arlington location. Pretty standard Westin. Fine bar, great beds, bathrooms are pretty weak. Right across the street from a bunch of new restaurants and bars as well.

I have stayed there when they screwed room service breakfast up pretty badly, but didn’t bat an eyelash at comping the whole thing when I raised the most minor of complaints. Good stuff.


– No mini bar. They have a fridge but nothing in it. Come on! They do have 24 hour room service though if booze or snacks are needed. Pay per view is fine but really not all that modern (there is 24 hour action but its clunky). TV isn’t even big.
The pool is fine for laps but it doesn’t open until 5pm on weekdays! Like huhhhhhhh?!
Valet is 30 bucks a night.