W Union Square


One has certain expectations when booking a W hotel, and the Union Square edition of this modern chain is not designed to meet those expectations. I actually don’t mean to crap on the place, but I feel like someone should’ve told me that this was not a modern designed hotel. Someone should’ve pulled me aside and said, “we weren’t going for the cool factor with this one.” Someone should’ve smacked me in the mouth and put me in a cab. It wouldn’t be the first time I asked to be let out of my reservation early. Love the location by the way. Union Square is pretty bad ass.

The lobby here is like walking into a giant ball of who cares.

Nice rooms (big by NYC standards, but not cool like most W rooms). Modern amenities like you would expect. Decent views of the square. They don’t offer the traditional W “library” lounge area. This one is more of a waiting area for people who can’t find a seat at the bar or who have given up on their rooms. It’s probably the weakest W bar area I have ever seen. The restaurant is cool however, with a sweet bar and great food, and it’s very popular.


-Downstairs bar recently changed hands (in 2014) and now has a much better menu and staff.