W Times Square


This W hotel is a great example of what makes W a quality modern hotel brand. It’s located in one of the busiest sections of Times Square, which can make cabs and sanity a little difficult, but overall the location is perfect for a standard New York tourist. The restaurant is on the street level, but you have to take a separate elevator to get to the street access lobby, which is generally pretty frustrating to me. I hate having to take two different elevators just to get to my room. The lobby is great, and the living room is a perfect lounge, and the bar is very popular. The rooms are fantastic with great views. Ask for a room on a high floor with a view of Times Square. I also recommend the rooms with the fully mirrored headboards if your companion is game.

One of the more important issues you can have at this hotel are the bathrooms not fully being separated from the bedroom. In most of the non suite rooms you can literally see the outline of the person on the toilet, and the walls are hardly thick for sound (the doors are sliding rather than locking). So if you are with someone you know or you’re alone then it’s generally ok, if you are with someone who you don’t quite share with on that level yet, this could be a major issue.


– No amenity issues. There’s a club right below the hotel that is pretty cool.