W South Beach


What a fantastic W Hotel. Basically brand new. I stayed in the Mega Suite which could not of been much better. First floor has a huge layout with a large, private ocean view balcony. Second floor has a private plunge pool with access to a rooftop basketball court deck. Tons of privacy. Great views. Loved it. The hotel has a pretty sweet pool and an even better pool bar (though not in the pool). My only complaint might be the location, which is a little further up Collins from the meat of the trendy hotels.

Second stay…stayed in the same room as above (though it’s actually called the Oasis suite). The king bed is perfect if you are with with someone, and less than perfect if you are with a friend or family or something like that. The bathroom is right when you walk in the room and it’s big enough (shower was large and fantastic), the bed and spiral staircase are in the middle of the room, then a lounge area with a daybed like couch (just enough for 1 person to sleep on) are at the far end of the room. This level has a large balcony with chaise loungers. The second floor is all outside and the lounge area on one side would be great if you had a large group and kind of useless if you don’t. On the other side of the rooftop area you get couches and the plunge pool (ours was hot and great this time). I do love both of these patios/balconies as they are huge and are directly in front of the beach. That being said, the very tall main hotel building hovers right over you. Technically I would say there isn’t an abundance of privacy other than when you are literally in the plunge pool (and don’t get me wrong, that can be cool).

Might be better to get a large suite on a high floor facing the ocean next time.


– Would definitely stay again.
– Great mini bar, good 24 hour adult action, 24 hour room service, etc.
– Library bar was a little meh…and they use these rooms to show off a supposedly rock star art collection.
– Our recent beach service was abysmal. Hard to get a drink or anything else. Chairs were fine, but it was hard to have fun. Their special food menu sucked anus and the food we got was literally anus.
– The Dutch bar (just off the library bar) was cool as shit and our bartender was money (plus those padron peppers were the hotness).