W Montreal


This hotel is nice, as all W’s are. It was under construction but not so much that you would notice. The restaurant could use some work but it was fine, as was the main bar. They did have a more speakeasy type bar that was actually pretty cool. The staff was very nice and the location was pretty central. You really aren’t going to be near much no matter where you stay (like the closer you get to one thing will take you farther away from something else).
The Wow Suite is pretty wow. It is loft style, which can be great, and can sometimes be a little annoying (which is why I moved after a couple days).
There are 2 bathrooms and 1 of them is in the top 1% of hotel bathroom showers. This thing is baller. Mega baller. It looks over the entire room and you can see everything. I want one for me. I literally couldn’t get enough of it. Where the hell are you Julie.
Also the balcony is killer. Perhaps not January killer, but this thing would rock in the summer. It’s huge.
The room has a great minibar. I thought room service was fine but not stellar.
Worst part is f’ing marriott with no 24 hour or any action on TV. How did I get stuck with Mormons? 🙂
At the end of the day. I don’t love lofts.

The Fantastic Suite was far more my style. Huge room separated by a giant spin around TV area. The bathroom was integrated into the room and was also gigantic. This was a pretty perfect spot.