W Amsterdam


This hotel is the jam. Not just any jam, the real deal jam. What a W find.
First of all it’s 2 buildings, one for the regular rooms and one for the suites and cooler rooms, so make sure you’re on the bank side and not the commerce side (the names of the buildings). The exchange building does have the big bar and club.

The room was perfect (Fabulous room). Gorgeous bedroom with a sexy as hell tub next to the bed with an even more gorgeous bathroom behind it. The perfect pornstar shower and everything we could possibly want, sans a view…but in Amsterdam if you aren’t directly on a canal then that doesn’t really matter anyway. No PPV which I found odd but they had everything else.

There are a couple of restaurants but the standout is The Duchess. One Michelin star but it would be cool as shit without it. Great design, great bar, great kitchen lounge area, great food, and great cocktails. You would be hard pressed to find a place like this that wasn’t popular as shit…and this was. The scallop small plate was whoa.

Perfect location just a few blocks from the old town and a short walk pretty much anywhere.