Villa Astra Praiano


Fuck you man. Seriously. False advertising or some shit. It’s probably all my fault but shiiiiittttt, this is my site so I’m gonna go ahead and blame everyone else!

This place doesn’t have air conditioning. I mean it does, in the bedrooms only, so it really doesn’t have air conditioning. It’s not a small house and the main area is large and would be a perfect spot to hang out, but you can’t, cause it’s hot as shit. No haha just suck it up hot, mind numbing, constantly sweating holy shit hot. I’m so mad.

Plus the place is near nothing. Nothing. It’s outrageously near nothing. There is no fucking town you liars. The market right next door is a steaming hot mess. A European market it is not. It’s hardly a store. It’s like a third world commissary closet. Holy shit.

The only restaurants nearby aren’t even really near by. Down a steep ass hill, and while I liked the restaurants, we had to eat at 1 of them twice for dinner because this house isn’t near anything.

You are at the top of a giant hill. Took us an hour to get down to the beach. A steep, hot, awful hour.

Praiano is not an actual place for you. It’s got a little beach/marina area where you can travel to real places from.

There was a bus stop directly outside of the house but it takes forever to get places and it gets crowded. 

You are nowhere near anything. Nothing.

Should of stayed in a hotel. Damn I’m mad at this one. And it was expensive too. You actually stop at a hotel to get the keys etc before your arrival (The Grand Hotel Triton), turns out there could never have been a bigger tease.

Fucking kids outside my window racing tricycles all night. Mosquitos. Ants. No air conditioning! Dammit. The pool was small too. And the damn bottom of the pool was coming off. And damn damn damn.

What a joke. I can’t believe I paid so much for this ass clown “villa”.

I’m done.