Trump SoHo


The Trump Soho, regardless of what they say in advertising or on the phone, is not in an awesome area. For the young and wild and free sorts, it is only an ok area. It is definitely in walking distance to many things, Soho shopping, Little Italy, Chinatown, etc. but it doesn’t have a cool bar or restaurant scene right there. In fact, finding a café for breakfast wasn’t even all that close. W hotels do a much better job at integrating the bar scene into the hotel universe. The bar at the Trump Soho is quite small, and a much more standard restaurant bar. There is a bar that opens on the weekends, but I did not see it. There is also a hotel pool that I must go to when it gets warmer.

We had a deluxe on a high floor. Very nice. Kind of small. Bathroom had an awesome tub that looked out to an amazing view (the TS is the tallest building around by far so views are abundant). There was one major design error in that the bathroom technically had no door. So it was a giant general bathroom area with a separate toilet “room” inside of the bathroom, but the door to the toilet isn’t air/sound/smell/giant poop butt tight! So what the fuck. You have to pretend like you are taking a shower, while washing your hands, while folding a newspaper if the Korean food you ate the night before decides it has overstayed its welcome. If I am there to get down and dirty with a girl, then as far as I’m concerned we live in a poop ignorant world.

Room service was top tier. One might worry because the restaurant downstairs is Asian, but they do a fantastic job of making the room service menu appropriate for all. I missed having some more pedestrian items like wings or nachos, but there are plenty of burgers and steaks and great breakfast items. Movie on demand system was good…plenty of adult stuff and modern movies. Great robes, towels, toiletries, and mini bar. Shades and lighting were all push button operated which is very convenient. Spa downstairs is not coed so missed the mark completely on a sexy spa day as a couple.


– Staff was simply perfect. Truly hard to beat at every position. Not stuffy and incredibly helpful.