The Vendue


Oh dang. Number one hotel in Charleston. The new hipness. The new hotness. BUT as a hotel, this shit offers nothing. Go to the bar, go to the restaurant, go to the rooftop. All of those things are actually very cool, very hip, very Charleston. Go everywhere except for staying in the hotel.

The rooms are an utter waste of time. No mini bar, no pay per view, limited room service. Our room didn’t even have a window. The hotel is separated across streets and buildings with zero amenities in most spaces. Oh, you offer milk and cookies every night? Really? That kitschy shit only works when you have other cool amenities. But you offer none. This hotel is a joke. It’s a scam. And it’s apparently working. I mean they don’t even have peep holes in the doors (which you will want when loud noises continuously happen outside of your room late at night). This might have been one of the worst hotel rooms I have ever stayed in. In my life. Like I am still baffled. Like…ugh.

Location is the only advantage.

Can’t wait to comeback to Charleston, can’t wait to hang out on the roof at the vendue, but this hotel has fooled me once.


-I’m so severely disappointed. THIS SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN A HOTEL ROOM!