The Shore Club


The Shore Club and I have a difficult relationship. When she puts out, I feel like I will never love another, when she holds back I want to quit her like a drug. The thing about the shore club for me is that it’s all about the room. I have stayed in an unbelievable, 2 floor, spiral staircase, loft-like, “balcony so big and private that an entire group could do nude sunbathing on it” room that would have anyone breathing heavy when they got a hold of it. I have also been put in a tiny, “crawl halfway out the window to see the ocean” kind of room. All for about the same exorbitant price. Now as we’ve discussed, I don’t mind paying the cash money, I just need a little something, you know, for the effort. The problem is that the shore club room descriptions are all kinds of whack. Or maybe they don’t pay attention to what room you pick at all. I feel like it’s a crap shoot that last time resulted in me getting reasonably unhinged… The only room that appears to be a guarantee are the poolside cabanas. Now these ain’t cheap, but they are worth it (not as much as I think the Delano ones are though). These cabanas have private balconies (but they don’t really look at much), multiple levels, a private pool level patio, and a private outdoor shower (we had an indoor outdoor off one of the bedrooms too I believe). The best part is you can walk right out your front door to the pool. If you want a hook up den, this is it my friend. There is also a baller private “house” that connects to these cabanas but I have only seen this beast through its fence…can’t wait to stay there. Forgetting the rooms for a second, The Shore Club may do the outdoors better than anyone I’ve seen. It looks like a damn garden of Eden out there, if in the garden of Eden they had loose women in bikinis of course. At night these guys use lanterns like they invented them. The pools are amazing and when the DJ gets going the entire day can be a fantastic blur. I love Nobu and their cute outdoor bar that is open on the weekends. Even though she sometimes really hurts my feelings, I am a big fan of The Shore Club.


– Even if you don’t stay here, go here. The lobby and outdoor areas are just gorgeous.

-Well, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the Shore Club is out of favor. They let Nobu go and never replaced her. The bones of a great boutique hotel are still there, but the style is being held back. I suspect it is due for a major renovation and will soon return to its former glory.