The Delano


The first time I went to the Delano I was still in college working at an internship and on an all expenses paid business trip to scout potential hotels to buy. While there I saw gorgeous women, and Dennis Miller. I knew that I was coming back. South Beach may of had me hooked.

The Delano is that perfect example of a place you have to see for yourself. With all of it’s outrageous style, it’s kind of understated in the most unusual and approachable way. Their use of sheer curtains has been copied around the world (maybe they stole the idea but man they did it best first). Walking in this place is a visit back in time. To a place where everything was cool and easy. Sinatra and James Dean would of been right at home.

The pool area is perfect. It has been completely and utterly overrun with Europeans, but still, naked girls are naked girls(they no longer allow toplessness on the weekends). The poolside cabanas are bad ass and the pool bar is one of my favorite places in Sobe to hang out. I always like to say that the Delano does Alice in Wonderland better than anyplace else.

Rooms are ultra white. Many have an awesome mirror in this ultra white landscape which, if you are with someone special, can be really really cool. Most recently I stayed in the most basic room they had (at 800 a night mind you) and was actually quite happy. While our view wasn’t great, the room was big enough, and the bathroom was cool with an awesome shower. The certainly have many better rooms, but I thought the basic was still nice.

Room service options are good (even late night) and the entertainment options worked well. Breakfast at their main restaurant is also really good. The sushi bar is a must even if you only have a few bites. It’s just a cool experience sitting at that table. They opened a club called FDR under the restaurant. While I liked it, it was built for people to get table service, and outside of that standing around can be awkward.

I am a very big fan of the Delano.