Sonesto Maho Beach Resort


Fuck these people and this place.
The first night we were in a jammin deluxe suite! Very nice! The second and third nights we were in a premier room on 7th floor (one step below deluxe suite) and it may as well have been a motel room. This debacle happened because of a reservation snafu and the front desk totally lying to us. I went through so many variations of what room we could get for those second couple of nights. You screwed me girl, and you knew it.
There is no pay per view, the mini fridges were lame but beer and water came in handy, and there was no room service.
View is fine but it’s definitely blocked by another hotel.
The pizza was great (it was an all inclusive spot)! Other food was meh. We didn’t do the reservation only restaurant.


-Location is very hard to beat as Maho beach (if that’s your thing, and it should be everyone’s thing at least for an afternoon) was literally right next to it. There is also a small little town there with a huge casino and a strip club that we sadly missed.
-One of the restaurants/pubs in that “town” was part of the all inclusive action. I’ve never seen that before and we actually had a pretty fun time there for karaoke 🙂
-The “events” the hotel had were very very very family friendly…but we had no family that day 🙁