SLS Miami


The SLS is super nice. It’s right next to the Delano so the location is perfect. I did not love their facade as it’s completely exposed to Collins, whereas the cool places tend to hide their entrances. Makes it mysterious and fun. The SLS was more in your face.

The lobby itself is kind of off to the side and meh. The Bazaar area is there also though and it’s big and fun and inviting.
On the other side of the Bazaar you get to the outdoor bar and pool areas and everything becomes much cooler.

They have 2 pool areas, one mainly for guests and one mainly for everyone. The everyone area has huge parties and gets packed every weekend. The bar they have back there is pretty rad and gets busy enough most nights. Both pool areas feel like one big area anyway if you’re staying there. We mixed it up.

Our room was pretty sweet. We stayed in a villa, and they all overlook the main pool. We stayed in the first one which turned into something incredibly lucky real quick. Not only was it convenient for drinks at the bar, haha, but when the music got going at the other pool you were far enough away to not want to kill yourself. If you are still at that point that you want heavy base at 3am then have at it!

The room itself was spot on. The bed was perfect and had an awesome mirror above it (though it could’ve been bigger damn it!)…though there was also a giant mirror next to it which was cool too. The room was huge which we liked, but it did make the TV be a little further away than you want it to be (it could’ve been much bigger as well honestly). We didn’t watch much tv, but we did partake in the 24 hour action and it just could’ve been a little better. The mini bar was ridiculous. One of the best set ups you will ever see.
The balcony was perfect and even though it overlooked the pool it offered privacy as well (I should add that it also looks over the Delano side street which they could’ve covered up better with trees and such).
The bathroom was huge and offered a jacuzzi tub and a porn star shower that was not only huge but it looked right onto the bed…nice touch! The toilet did not have a door again (what the fuck is up with this trend!) but you can close the main bathroom door and you’re fine.

Notes to Self:
-Pool doesn’t serve drinks till 11. We start early on vacation! I mean wtf.
-Room service is great but they forgot my fucking Burger cheese! I mean wtf!
-While we were there they literally drained the Delano pool for an event and those people had to use ours. Imagine if you had booked the perfect stay at the Delano and they did that shit to you. I mean wtf!
-SLS is great…but I might want the remodeled Raleigh next trip