Sina Villa Medici Florence


Look it’s nice and all, but I kind of thought it would be far better. The pictures and description make it seem far better. Honestly I have come to expect a lot from the autograph collection and this was not it.
Here’s what it is, a classic European grand hotel. Red carpet. Chandeliers. Bar service by all men all in black and white suits. Stuffy in the worst way.
Now the pool area is strangely the opposite. While small it’s a bit of a south beach Miami esque oasis. The helper gets you decked out with chairs and the food and drink service is pretty quick and always seemed present.
The rooms were deluxes with balconies. Our other party got the balcony overlooking the pool (thanks wifey), while we got a balcony overlooking a stupid nonsensical courtyard with a very lonely fountain. I suppose our room was slightly bigger though.
The room amenities are fine. No TV movies but it was a smart tv. Good mini bar action and they do have 24 room service.
The bathroom was silly as the shower was super small and super slippery and the glass divider was hardly big enough to keep water off the floor…

After all the above, the kicker is…it ain’t near shit. They say it’s close to stuff but it is decidedly not. You walk all the way down the river to get to fun Florence, and you pass the Westin and the St. Regis on the way (both Marriott so I considered them but they didn’t have pools…ugh).