Roxy Hotel NYC


Overall we loved this hotel. The lobby and entrance area are very cool. The lobby itself has an awesome bar, a nice lounge area, and they do live music almost every night. It feels posh and lively. The downstairs has an even cooler bar, like an old school jazz club, and it houses the hotel’s “theater” which has an older movie theater feel than they wanted me thinks. These main areas of the hotel work really well and make the entire place feel special.

Now that being said, there are some drawbacks. For one, the location isn’t awesome. Tribeca is cool but it wasn’t close enough to Greenwich which is where we wanted to spend most of our time. It’s walkable, but my girl got kind of pissed 🙂

Also, the hotel is built like one of those old school atrium chain hotels. I have seen this work ok before, but it’s rare, and this isn’t one of those cases where it’s cool. It feels dated and silly.

Lastly, the rooms had a glaring deficiency. Pay per view sucked and there was no adult section! Are you kidding me!? In a hotel that tries to be as sexy as this one? They give you nice hard wood floors and large rooms. The bathrooms are nice (though they didn’t do much with the showers for some reason) and the mini bars are neat. Room service is good and the overall feel is cool. I didn’t get it…


-I don’t think we would stay again…