Riu Palace Riviera Maya


This is an all inclusive hotel, and I generally avoid those as much as possible…but this was for a wedding and so I acquiesced.

This place has a really nice beach area, a great pool area surrounded by hot/warm tubs and multiple restaurants that are definitely to be missed (yes, I worded that correctly). The rooms were great with hot tubs, balconies, and self serve booze dispensers…but warm Cuervo is a tough sell at any time of night. I did see the grand suite and it had multiple levels, great views, and a really cool outdoor social hot tub area.

This hotel is on the upper end of the Riu chain so you get to visit all the other hotels and amenities should one wish (it doesn’t work the other way if you are staying in a lower tier Riu).

It’s not the closest place on the planet to the main drag in playa, but I suspect people that go here don’t care too much.

Notes to Self:
-All inclusive “open” bars do not mean to imply that sneaking behind the bar and mixing vodka with what we thought was cranberry juice (yup, grenadine) is ok…they will chase after you
-Also, the weird case of microwavable cheeseburgers in the sports bar is a must for any drunk person at 3AM