Riu Palace Las Americas Cancun


I wasn’t here very long as this particular vacation happened during one of the biggest snowstorms the east coast has ever seen. Bearing interstate 95 during a blizzard with what appeared to be abandoned tomb-like cars stashed all along each side of the road (no, sorry, we can’t stop, otherwise we will die too!) was an experience in and of itself. A group of us finally made it to Charlotte for a flight out of town after everything else had been canceled. The rest of the family was not so lucky and after 3 airports gave up the search.

Night one. Hooray, we are in cancun and it looks like the family is gonna make it tomorrow. We got our faces wasted off at Coco Bongo and had an amazing time.
Day two. We wake up to the news that our family is stuck like Argentinian soccer players in the Alps. Crushing catholic guilt ensues and we book flights right back to the US.

All in all I found this hotel to be about the same as every other all-inclusive Caribbean resort…maybe with worse food though. I did like my room, and the balcony, and the view. Outside of that, they tried to fuck me when I went to cancel our pre booked trip…come on folks, people are getting eaten over here! Wound up with a voucher for more nights of Riu all-inclusive fun that I never even used.