Renaissance Charleston


I liked this hotel.
They had a nice lobby with a nice lobby bar (though the bartenders were slow and kinda weak).
They had a nice restaurant (though it was new and they didn’t totally have their shit together).
They had an ok pool that was elevated and kind of sexy (though it was small).
The rooms were pretty nice with hard wood floors and great TV’s and beds. (plus our adjoining room with the bean was killer)
The location is pretty perfect.


The freaking AC was not working. And it was a thousand degrees outside!!! No, box fans do not make up for it. You are in the south. There is no option, your AC must work. The rooms were too hot, the bar was too hot, everything was too hot. Big fail.


-They kind of jack you on the free breakfast. It’s like 3 items on a menu that has like 30 items on it. Everything else is regular price.