Refinery Hotel


Well. Weeeeelllllll. We chose this hotel due to its recent addition to the best new hotels in the US list this year. Had to try it.

The first thing you may notice is that there are no traditional doormen. Usually I wouldn’t care, but this place ain’t cheap, and at the very least when you are trying to hail a cab on a Friday afternoon in Manhattan it can be very nice to have a professional on your side. In addition, the bellmen that they do have lost our bags. Yup, the room wasn’t ready upon arrival and we checked the bags and went out to lunch. Our bags were apparently sent to the wrong room and didn’t reappear for 4 hours, after many complaints. I’d like to say that our bellmen ordeal ended there, but no. No. Not at all. Upon our departure we asked them to watch our bags again. I pointed to a shopping bag and showed the guy the bottle of wine inside. He said not to worry and off we went. We should’ve worried though. It took him about 5 minutes to drop said bag and the wine exploded all over everything, including a brand new sweater that I loved. After calling me to tell me this, I asked the bell captain to have our bags ready because we were pulling up in a cab and needed to leave quickly. Thinking he wasn’t going to do this, I also called the front desk and said the same thing. Upon arrival though, guess what, not only were our bags not ready, but they couldn’t even find them. I have never seen such a cluster fuck. They all seemed super nice and even competent, they are just so unorganized. Whoever is running the show needs to take a step back and really look at the operation/their life choices.

In any case, we loved the hotel bar, which was like a parlor room in an old mansion. We also loved the hotel restaurant, Parker and Quinn. They are super nice in there and the decor is just perfect old school new york. Subway tile everywhere, cool chandeliers and sconces, etc. Brunch was good, but NYC not allowing booze sales until noon on Sunday put a damper on my plans!

We also adored the rooftop bar! What a space. Like I had a fantastic time there, but you don’t need to stay in the hotel for this action.

The rooms were great, lots of hard wood, rugs, mirrors. We stayed in an Atelier suite and were very happy. No views to be had but the sitting area with full couch was great. The bathroom was also cool with wall to wall white tiles. This room was cool. For whatever reason they have modern pay per view but no adult action! We didn’t need it but still! Ridiculous. Room service ends at midnight. Mini bar was great and used quite a bit.


-I liked this place but probably wouldn’t stay again. I honestly don’t know how it got on those best of lists. It’s cool, but not that cool, and services seem to be limited. The stuff we really loved can be experienced without staying here.