First and foremost, I want to be honest. I did not build this site for you. In fact, you found this and are reading this by accident. I do not advertise this, I do not market this, I don’t tag anything, or link anything, tweet anything, or sell anything. I built this site for me, not for you. I wanted a place to record my travels and have a little fun. Yes, I could have just done this in a word document or diary of some sort, but I like the idea of visuals and accessibility. Additionally, I did not say that I wanted to share it with no one, I said I didn’t share it with you. That being said…here’s what I think.

Single Luxury Travel is all about the modern traveler. I’m sick of every top 10 list catering to 50 year olds. I think travel should feel young, and cool, and sexy, and sophisticated. This site was born from pure selfishness. I found that I was often times committing the same travel mistakes that I had made in the past. I found myself listening to the same travel sources over and over again expecting different results. Obviously I became positively frustrated, and thus, this site was born.

I wanted a personal travel resource and record that was built for people like me, or at least built for people who have similar sensibilities to me. I am single, though more importantly I don’t have children and don’t look for travel locations based on that. I am young, well younger than most perhaps. I have some money. Not “do whatever you want whenever you want” money, but money nonetheless. I am in the restaurant business, which essentially means I operate on the precipice of disaster often. Risking it all on a regular basis makes you really appreciate the “good things”, and time spent away from home.

I happen to like spending my money on travel. Destinations, hotel rooms, and nightlife activities are very important to me. Life is short and I choose to care about experiences. I collect them like baseball cards. I tend not to spend a lot of money on fancy cars and things of that nature. It’s the lifestyle away from home that I’m after. Good hotels offer a different life for a night. A hotel even right down the street can be a world away from your day to day life, a hotel that’s worth a damn anyway.

I am tired of the best hotel on any top 10 list having 50 chandeliers in the lobby and a guy in fish tails waiting to open the door for you. I am tired of the supposedly best hotels having an average guest age of 60. I don’t need your grand staircase or your gold plated silverware. I don’t want your atrium lobby or your oh-so-delicate piano player. And for god’s sakes you can keep your all inclusive crap.

People who feel young, have a little money, and aren’t traveling with children should be tired of travel sites. The world has changed and our style is taking over. We want to feel sexy and cool. We want flat screen TV’s, roof top swimming pools, and room service that knocks our socks off. We want modern amenities and giant bathrooms that are bigger than most European hotel rooms. We want bars in the lobby. We want bars on the roof. We want restaurants that are hip and cool and well known. We want to be in an area that people have heard of and where people are. We want things to feel exciting and we want to feel sexy. We want to hook up with who we came with. If we didn’t come with anyone, we want to find someone to hook up with. We want to be rock stars, if only for a night.

That’s the purpose of this site. Basically a resource for myself to both list the things that I have experienced and liked or hated (for reference), and highlight things that I want to do based on anecdotal, movie, TV, and magazine evidence. Put simply, I wanted a travel history and a travel bucket list for myself.

Now, some may say that they want to scrimp on accommodations so they can spend money on other things, or that they don’t spend any time in the room. I would argue that the accommodations are as much a part of the trip as anything else, more so in my case. I sleep there, I will eat there, and I will definitely get a drink there. It is my home for as long as I am there. Travel to me isn’t about museums or some other thing that you can see online. It’s about experiences. It’s about having fun and truly enjoying yourself. I want the epitome of relaxation, and inconveniences are not welcome.