PalazzianG Venice


This place was rad. We adored this hotel. Adored. Maybe, just maybe there is one downside which is the location, but I could see many people enjoying the quieter side of San Marco. I would say we felt just maybe 5 minutes too far off the beaten path.

This is a Starwood hotel, and you feel South Beach and the W everywhere. Stark white. Mirrors literally all over the room. Like everywhere. Like if you even remotely like the person you are with then it’s on. The windows are even mirrors, and open oddly to the barren street below.

The bathroom was huge and had a gigantic shower with rainfall heads that we used considerably. TV was good. Room service was good.
The breakfast area is a little boring but they did a good enough job with the outdoor patio and cool seating. In addition to being the breakfast area it’s also a bar/lounge later in the day. The bar and restaurant downstairs were as hip as it gets.
$600 a night (but we actually used points for the first time ever).


-There is a gondola “bus stop” right outside the hotel so that makes the location better I suppose…but we liked to walk.
-The chef’s tasting menu looked so incredible, but it was outrageously expensive so we passed.
-Everyone was soooooo nice!