Palacio Del Inka Cusco


This hotel was just great. I mean what a great job they did. The staff is fantastic. The location is fantastic (simply unbeatable I think). It’s a pretty perfect find for this little city.

The hotel style is old world. It has some Moorish mixed in with its Incan and European. It has a great old feel right from the start. The place itself is massive, which may be my only complaint. Finding my room was challenging for longer than I’d like to admit 🙂

I didn’t have a view, but I didn’t need one, there is nothing tall in this city and the buildings are packed closely together. If you were right on the main square, or any square for that matter I could see that view being mildly interesting, but this climate and that exhaust doesn’t really lend itself to swinging your doors open and yelling “bonjourno principeca!” to the city, haha.

The spa was great thought I didn’t get to use it. The prices for all treatments were so cheap! and the main pools were unisex and very sexy looking. There was a fee for the spa use unless you got a treatment, but if you have time it looks sweet.

The breakfast is pretty standard and they do a big buffet…but they charge in dollars which I found upsetting and disconcerting. Too many American visitors I guess. I did have a nice breakfast one day and they were super accommodating with my “eggs americano” haha.

There was no pay per view but they had DirecTV which I was able to change to English which was one of the happier traveling moments I have ever had. To have a movie you really want to fall to sleep to magically change from Spanish to English is really quite something, and not something to be taken lightly!

The mini bar was good and they gave plenty of complimentary water. The room service was 24 hours (100% full menu) and the prices were very very reasonable.

The bed was good and the dark hard wood floors worked well. The bathroom was perfectly functional.


-I did not see not could I recommend a better hotel in Cusco.
-The concierge Roger was so so good!