Ocean Casino AC


We actually really liked Revel. Really liked it. It was a whole new world for AC, mainly because the Borgata was rad, but it was way off the boardwalk, which can be super annoying. It took 2 billion dollars to create a Revel…and when it declared bankruptcy they sold it for like 15 million, holy shit. Have you ever wanted 15 million more? The scrap had to be worth 100 million alone! Anyway, they took Revel and they honestly made something even more gorgeous out of it. The place is rad. The radist by far in AC.

Now even from the outside you know this place is the jam, just a gorgeous looking hotel. Unfortunately right when you walk in you come to the first and possibly only real drawback, the annoyance of a lobby that is nowhere near the front door, and you need 2 elevator banks to get to your room…but I digress.

The hotel has style. It has some nice restaurants. It has some good casual places including a taco bar with a killer happy hour (2 buck margs and 2 buck tacos) and an Italian place that stays open until at least 2am and serves pretty good pizza and sandwiches. Very good drunk food at the bare minimum.

The spa is gorgeous. They have private bay indoor top golf. They have a nice pool area with weekend parties. Like when the Borgata opened, this is a little slice of Vegas on the Jersey shore.

I got a studio suite (they had one bedroom suites available but I actually prefer the single room style) and I was floored. The views are killer, straight from the Corner it seems like you can see everything, I was honestly surprised. Make sure you get the full ocean view if possible. Floor to ceiling windows covering over 50% of the room. Automatic shutters and other things you’d expect from a place like this. Huge bathrooms with gigantic 10 person showers. Tons of seating space, great bed. It was close to a perfect room to be honest. I guess the TV could of been much bigger but that was ok. And the mini bar was empty but casinos can be like that sometimes. I was disappointed that they didn’t have 24 hour action on the TV, just a la carte which is a giant waste of money. But there is 24 hour room service, and anyway I nitpick so I know everything, not because I was truly bothered.

I loved it and outside of it being in Atlantic City and not a better city, it was right as rain.


-It is at the end of the traditional boardwalk so one might argue it’s got some distance between it and the Hard Rock or Caesars, but I thought it was just fine, and if it’s a nice day a walk on any boardwalk is great.
-My boys stayed at the showboat next door…do not do this. They took out everything cool that a casino could have and just opened a bare bones hotel. Outside of seeing an abandoned casino floor, which you don’t normally get to see, this place is fucked. Hard to even get a beer…no joke.