Mosquito Beach Club Playa


Outside of having a door that would not lock (we slept with our bags stacked up against the door) this place is pretty perfect. It’s right off the main drag and right on the beach. At the front they have this modern plunge pool and that connects to the beach through a somewhat winding walkway of wooden planks. Off of this walkway are the only rooms one should stay in…the cabanas. Ours was literally 5 steps from the beach. They have a nice beach bar and restaurant (though I think they are technically owned by different people) and cool lounging areas on and around the beach.

I found this spot to be an absolute fantastic Mexican beach location. The rooms themselves may not have many amenities…but they are cool and beachy, and who cares when you can here the ocean from your room.

-We also stayed one night in Cancun at an all-inclusive resort (because I wanted to try it for the first time) and one night right outside of Tulum in an all-inclusive resort (because everything else was made for Buddhist-Sober-Boring types) and both were forgettable enough that I don’t even remember what they were