Moon Palace Resort Cancun


The entrance is made easy by a large number of people waiting to take your bag. The line for the front desk in my situation was quick and the guy operating it was nice and efficient. As of this point, I was told that my room would be available at 3pm…and it’s 12am…and I’m drunk…so I will continue drinking…and see where this goes…and to be clear…I’m in a sweater and jeans…and it’s 85 degrees outside…and just so we are on the same page…that’s 85 degrees Fahrenheit…otherwise…I’d be dead…it’s true…

Overall, this place is…fine. The location is pretty damn close to Cancun, though just like every other taxi ride in and around Cancun it will cost you 5 times what a ride in the US would cost. The entrance is on the main road and is protected like all the other resort entrances on that main road, AK-47 style. The complex is sprawling to say the least. Seems like it stretches a mile along the beach, with basically 3 zones. We stayed in the center zone which has a gigantic pool area, a main buffet style restaurant, a main lobby bar, numerous specialty restaurants, and outdoor bars and food spots around the pool. The beach all along the resort is fairly skinny, but it does exist and can at least fit 2 rows of loungers, unlike many other Cancun spots. The all inclusive style was fine. We didn’t need restaurant reservations and had a decent dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse.

I upgraded my room to an ocean side (all rooms have balconies). My room basically sat above the ocean side walk way and looked right over the water. The only problem with ALL of the balconies is that they built them in pairs. If you and your neighbor wanted to each use your “private” balcony at the same time you would basically be getting familiar on a level that acutely passes comfortability. In any case, the room was fine and had a smallish TV but the cable worked well. The mini bar was fully stocked and free obviously. The rooms are spacious. The bathroom is fine but they also have the giant jaccuzzi sitting in the room, which I feel like is pretty standard in all all-inclusive resorts, like someone had 1 single great idea 20 years ago and we’ve never been able to improve upon it.

The other parts of the resort had various fun things. We did go to the late night club a couple times in one of the other complexes. Not bad. Kind of like a cruise ship, but you know, terrible, I mean the same.


-The internet is free and works pretty well…and I don’t know much else cause I be sittin in de lobby.
-What a waste of time and money this wedding trip was 🙂