ME Cancun


This is my kind of hotel. Ultra modern. The entire high rise looks out onto the ginormous pool area below. Our room was on the side of the building (it kind of has a pyramid shape) which meant that we had an extra large balcony, complete with full lounge bed and furniture. Laying out in these situations is one of my favorite things to do. High up, some privacy, you and a girl, sans clothes, in the Mexican sun. Hard to beat.

The pool area is nice and has a very cool in pool bar. The only real issue here is there is no longer a beach! It has disappeared…which really sucks for them.

I would argue it’s one of the better hotels in Cancun though (and I adore hotels in Cancun). Most of the things there try a little too hard to be like Disneyland…The ME is all about style and sexiness.