Mason and Rook DC


This is Kimpton’s new iteration of the former Hotel Helix space.

They did a few things that jump out immediately. The lobby is small, but it is nice and is a decent place to chill for their wine hour. The restaurant is new and improved but it’s still in the same general space (the former one was way more loungey).

The rooms are updated but the biggest thing you will note is the new and improved bathrooms with the big tile showers (couldn’t of sprung for a rainfall shower though eh?).

The TV’s are absolutely gigantic now, which is an improvement over the weird ones that were often times way too far from the bed.

I should also mention that they have a new rooftop pool situation but it was closed during our visit.

Mini bar is good. PPV is good with all action. Room service is pretty good.

The service was stunningly bad on this visit. We need almost nothing, like ever, and still found ineptitude at every turn, like check in, check out, getting the room I ordered, every employee needing to use the 2 slow ass elevators all the time, etc.

In general this is a likeable hotel, but only DC and its lack of fun hotels would have this place on a best of list. In any other city it would be mid level, and I think they know that.