Main + Mountain – Ludlow


Main and Mountain

This place made me want to change my profession. I don’t know how it came to be (I know a bit but there are so many things that had to happen to make this type of thing work), but I want more of it. We stayed in the 2 bedroom suite. Now the word suite and the thoughts that may invoke would not be appropriate in this setting. The rooms are very simple and there is no ppv, no mini bar, no room service, no restaurant (just a bar) and this particular room only had one air conditioner and it was in the living room, meaning the whole place never got to be the same temp, and while we were there it was hot as shit so the living room was freezing and the bedrooms were room temperature at best. If you were sharing with another couple, make sure you’re swingers because you wouldn’t be able to close any doors…

NOW, that being said, this place is fantastic. For starters, it’s spartan modern and the decor is far superior to anything you would ever find in a town this small. It’s a ski town and the baseboard heat, which is in all the rooms, supposedly works very well. There’s no check in counter and they email you your keyless door code before you arrive. Very sweet. There’s no check out either for that matter. The place has a bangin bar downstairs and their hostel and sister property across the street not only has a bangin bar, but a pretty freakin rad restaurant with surprisingly well thought out food.

For a tiny town, near a moderately sized ski resort in southern Vermont, this place was a find. A gem. Great job.


-Every town this size would be lucky as shit to have a spot like this. Well done.