Le Royal Meridien Shanghai


Perhaps I am in a good mood, but I am really liking this hotel at the moment. Now, there are flaws. First things first, the lobby is on the 10th floor. That just sucks. Now add that to the nauseating amount of elevators they have and you can get downright upset just trying to go up to your room. They have people EVERYWHERE to “help”, but that’s also a little annoying to be honest.

You also have to go through the lobby to get to the pool/gym. Another weird layout issue. Pool was great though (and offered a great view), but what the fuck do I need a lifeguard watching me for when there’s no one around for miles. Gym was big and nice as well.

The rooms are big, and modern, and really well done. The bathroom is like integrated into the room in a great way, with a bathtub and shower area that looks right onto the living area, which I always like (there is a shade as well of course). They do not have pay per view but the AV system is modern and good (though it’s fucked up right now! argh). They have a huge room service menu and many 24 hour options. The mini bar is great, but expensive, although I think wine is expensive everywhere in China.

I am on the club level, which has a pretty sweet lounge, had an unbelievable view, and a huge breakfast every morning (but why no eggs! and nice try pal, quiche is not the same thing), along with free drinks and shit every night. Though there are just too many employees in that room. I really don’t need so many hello’s! Club level rooms get free water up the ass, which was huge!


-The location right at the end of Nanjing Road and next to the People’s square was perfect for me. But maybe I would stay on the Bund if I came back (they say this place is on the Bund but I beg to differ).
-Views in any tall building in Shanghai are great, if you can get them. It’s hazy more often than its not, so being rigid may not even matter view wise.