Le Meridien Arlington


This used to be the Palomar…not sure why it changed as the Kimpton brand appears to be growing like crazy. The style is about the same. Rooms are still a little oddly laid out and the bathrooms are still small boring Kimpton attempts.

The main problem is, I’ve never gotten what I would call a cool room here. The views are always kinda crappy and the only redeeming quality of the room is a nice large mirror right next to the bed. I also don’t really like the location. It’s tucked away on the edge of Rosslyn and the entrance is shared with residences. Going up to the 4th floor to check in also blows.

The restaurant is not popular at all and the bar is small and boring…like an afterthought…BUT! They just updated it, and now I kind of like it! The menu was much much better and all areas are much more intimate and cool now, especially the bar area. They do have 24 hour room service and a fine pay per view system with 24 hour action (it’s the older drop down menu style though). Mini bars are empty though. Oh, and they do offer free internet.

This hotel is a good “business” option, but it’s not impressive if you are with someone.


– They’ve started locking the mini bar doors and I don’t think they even have them anymore.
– The premium view is pretty meh, and is blocked on both sides by taller and bigger buildings.
– The suites aren’t so great. The separate room is nice and the bathroom is gigantic, but sometimes more room is just meh.