Latitude, our villa, was pretty fantastic. Right in Rendezvous on Klein’s Bay (easy access to town). It had 3 bedrooms and the master was separated from the other two by a giant pool and hot tub area. The master bed and bath were just perfect. Great window coverage, and if one had a complaint, it would be the inability to keep out light resulting in a 7am wake up call from the sun every day, but whatevs. The bathroom was huge and had a double shower area that worked “ok”.

The other bedrooms were pretty standard but certainly good enough for anyone who’s not a master bedroom type.
The main house lacked one major ingredient…air conditioning. If the weather is perfect, which it often is, then this does not matter, but if it’s hot, like hooootttt, man I struggled. That room, especially when cooking, was not remotely comfortable.
The mosquitos were pretty outrageous too but we had bug spray and a tropical storm had just come though right before we got there so mosquito timing might have been horrid.
I mainly stayed in the pool and hot tub. Gorgeous views, gorgeous water, I mean truly hard to beat. We grilled out under the stars one night and had a fantastic time.
The road to get to the house is pretty simple and easy, the driveway itself is not, and yup, I did wreck the car just a little bit. See my “fuck mr. piper” note in the main VI area…

Overall this place was pretty sick. I paid $3,500 for 5 nights in August 2015.


-We got the sense that someone had been there at one point…a housekeeper perhaps, but there was no sign or anything like that…kind of odd. Like leave a note rather than acting like burglar dude.
-The house was pretty stocked, everything you would need to cook, clean, or whatever. They even had some left over booze, which I think we ended up contributing to honestly.