Hyatt Arlington


Update…and…who the fuck thought it was a good idea to stop offering pay per view movies at this hotel. You already have a mini bar full of a giant bag of nada, and I don’t think ours was even cold – slash – on, and as mentioned before, your chef gave up a long time ago and is most certainly, while reading this, in a very plush, very comfortable, very dirty sweat suit, having created and literally dumped this create your own/we have a lot of ingredients/I don’t care anymore/please god, when’s it gonna be my time sort of menu on your head, how you gonna now take away the only redeeming quality you had? You’re dead to me Hyatt Arlington. The person making the decisions has some splainin to do!

This Hyatt in Rosslyn is one of the few decent hotels in Arlington. Staying in Rosslyn can suck since you can’t really walk anywhere, but being right next to the key bridge makes cabs easy enough. Plus the metro is like 2 blocks away.

The hotel has valet and it’s only 5 more dollars than the self park (the garage is tough to navigate so valet is the way to go). The lobby is fine and the bar works for a quick drink (it gets reasonably busy for happy hours with business traveler types, but it is kind of small too). The rooms are standard with a normal chain hotel bathroom. The TV’s are kind of small but they do have good entertainment/adult systems. The internet costs 11 bucks for 24 hours but it works fine. Room service ends at 11pm, and outside of the standard breakfast items, it’s one of the worst room service menus I’ve seen in quite some time. Whoever designed it is wearing sweatpants and slippers right now…I assure you they have given up.