Hotel savoy


Well, you pay for what you get, and this shit ain’t cheap. What a great hotel. A perfect Italian experience. It sits right on one of the main squares (Piazza Repubblica) right in the center of town. The lobby feels like an open air commercial for Italy or something. They have a bar area that opens right up to the street with a great patio. The rooms are spacious and the beds are great, and I love hard wood floors in hotel bedrooms. Bathroom worked well and we had a window that opened up right onto the square (no real balcony but the doors were huge). Amazing service and location and style. Employees were the best you are going to get (we had to wait to check in since there was a line and they at us in a beautiful waiting area, bought us a drink, and check on us many times). The amenities here are a little lacking for a modern style lover, but that’s not what they are going for. The bathroom is opulent…thus for me it was a little like stepping into hell, but I’m glad I did it.


-Would definitely stay here again…