Hotel Rouge


This hotel is so much like the other Kimptons in this category that I honestly get them confused. The bar (right when you walk in on the left) is small but decorated in a hip and fun way. The entrance is meh. The bathrooms in the rooms are double meh. The rooms are still sometimes too big with not enough shit in them. I agree that a big room can be nice, but sometimes it just feels empty rather than fun. Like many Kimptons, this one is “near” many things, but next to pretty much nothing. Not a bad hotel, but not their best, and just fine in the city that is swimming with hotel mediocrity.


– Food in the bar was borderline gross…but the menu didn’t really indicate otherwise.
– Room service ends at 10:30 and there wasn’t any adult all access…a minor inconvenience, but come on!. Staff was great, as per usual.