Hotel Monaco DC


Right next to the Verizon center which works for just about anything. Love the area. AND, and i mean AND this hotel was built insie of the old DC post office, and what a job they did. It looks so cool and so grand but in a modern way. The lobby bar and restaurant is super sick. Dark and fun. The bar is very small but cozy if you can get a seat. The lobby bathrooms are like trying to find your way through that library at the beginning of ghost busters. The one where you know something is right around every corner and you are just about to scream at each turn. Yeah, it’s kinda like that. So I recommend you go with a partner, and spend a little more time there once you find it, you know what I mean…it’s perfect.

Do not, I repeat, do not let them put you in a basement room…they try to call it the first floor but it ain’t. You are looking up at the street from down below (English basement) and the hallways to this area are a little bit like the Shining. In fact, the rooms in this hotel aren’t that great at all, but they have a ton of character, as does the hotel overall, so I like it.

In fact, the main floor hallways are some of the best hotel hallways you are likely to ever encounter. Old world meets new in a humungous corridor. There is more noise on this level (the hotel makes a ton of noise though) and there is no view (there really isn’t much of a view from anywhere here) but the style just works.

The restaurant is actually pretty nice. Modern with an open kitchen. The bar is really small but I did like it. Every space in this hotel has some character.


– Dude, room service menu is pretty sweet. 24 hours and they sell a Croque Monsieur late night! What the fuck. Pay per view is the old style though.