Hotel Helix DC


So the Helix sits right near Logan Circle, which is a pretty cool area with nice bars and restaurants. The front of the hotel provides an actual U shaped drive for dropping off bags and valet service (I only mention it because it’s unusual for Kimpton hotels in DC). The hotel itself is small but fun. The bar is directly next to the lobby and is funky hip like Kimpton always does (decent outdoor patio as well). The rooms are fine. The basic room has a nice amount of space, a little couch that is just a little too far from the TV, and beds that are in alcoves and surrounded by flowing curtains (an attempt at recreating a sultans bed I suppose). As per usual the bathroom is an afterthought (a Kimtpton signature) but I still enjoyed the free mini fridge item you get with each stay and the free wine hour they have every night.

There are no views to speak of, and the elevators are slow as shit (like long lines kind of slow…it can be remarkable). Also, and this does happen often in DC but it still bothers me, the HVAC system was that old motel style that sits against the wall on the floor. I feel like those things are harsh on the senses. On my last visit, the damn HD channels didn’t work on the TV! Fuck.


–I do have some amenity issues. Room service was good (I actually liked the menu quite a bit) but not 24 hours, ends at 10:30pm and they don’t even serve lunch (after breakfast it doesn’t pick back up until 5pm). The pay per view was that old push button style (reminds me of AC) and there were no movie “packages”, though they do offer everything.
-The gym sucks anus.
-Never forget that Kimpton fucks you on points when you book on anything other than their sites. Like they aren’t still getting the money those petty pieces of shit.