Hotel Firenze La Spezia


This hotel is great because it is right next to the train station. That’s it. Right when you walk in you notice how old and crappy the lobby is. Furniture that you would beg your grandmother to get rid of. The rooms are not too small but the beds are wood boxes with some sheets on them. The bathrooms are very basic. Our room did have a nice window looking out onto one of the main avenues…so not bad on that front.

In reviews peopled talked about the included breakfast on the top floor. This breakfast is ridiculous and people who call it great should be pelted with eggs and bacon.

As mentioned in the La Spezia section, this town does not have many options. So one must weigh the hotel description above against the inconvenience of schlepping to one of the Cinque Terre towns. If I was staying in the area for a few days, I would schlep. If I came again for the one day treatment, I might actually stay at La Firenze again. It was that convenient.


-To be fair, the front desk lady was nice, and she did let us store our bags in the completely unsecured and available side lobby room that nobody would notice in a million years if someone had robbed it.
-The bar, though the opposite of happening or even resembling an actual bar, did have some nice employees and a decent amount of stuff.
-They did apparently have room service, but fuck that noise.