Hotel Amsterdam De Roode Leeuw


I actually like this place, even if it wasn’t very unique for such an old city. It’s a straight and easy walk from the train station. It is on a major square (Dam Square in the city center) with the old town/Red light area on one side and the outer canals and markets on the other.

The lobby was small but there was a restaurant (not my style but some people might like it). The elevator was small but quicker than what I’ve come to expect in Europe. The rooms were modern and nice. Faux wood floors but they were cool. Huge windows that opened onto the street. Our room had a nice alcove coffee table area where you could sit and open the windows and just enjoy the air and sounds. We also had a two bathroom set up. One with a separate shower and tub, and one with the other facilities. Bed was two singles pushed together with separated sheets (unlike a cruise ship set up where the sheets force the mattresses together) so you’re shit can get all disconnected. Nice place overall though. Friendly staff. Good location. TV was comically small.


-There was a ton of construction right in front of the hotel while we were there. Kind of noisy and definitely a drag.