Grand Hyatt Beijing


I mean this place is pretty sweet. A really nice headquarters when making your way through the general nothingness that is Beijing. It’s right on Wangfujing road (a pretty nice pedestrian stroll) and right down the street from Tienanmen Square and the Forbidden City, it’s also connected to a mall which can come in handy from time to time.

The hotel itself is pretty large and the entrance and road sort of look like you are going to party headquarters or something. I actually think most buildings in Beijing are designed to look like that. The lobby shows off dueling lounge areas and a couple of restaurant/bars. I found the lounges to actually be pretty sweet for a nightcap. The hotel has two towers and the pool can only be accessed from the first one…and I was in the second, ugh.

The rooms are pretty standard Hyatt fare. Mini bar was ok, no pay per view, room service was 24 hours. Bathrooms were new enough but not cool.

Besides the hyatt attraction and the location, the reason this place is on so may must stay lists is because of the pool. Man oh man is there a pool. Whoever designed it did not design anything else in this place and must of had an unlimited budget. First of all, once you go through the spa and the gym and all, you finally see how fucking massive this thing is. It’s designed like a Vegas themed island oasis. Palm trees, huge vaulted sky-like ceilings, nooks, crannies, waterfalls, hot tubs, I mean it was quite a thing. It was impossible not to relax in that mega pool, but it helped that I was almost completely alone! Kids would of killed that vibe.


-The premier hotel restaurant was “Made In China” and it was the jam. Best Peking/Beijing Duck I’ve ever had…and I’ve had a ton! The bar area was awkward and stupid though, the best seats are next to the open kitchen areas. Super well known restaurant in Asia.