Grand Hotel Du Luxembourg


This hotel is a 3 star spot pretty much right in the center of things. Enough in the center as anything else I guess. The hotels in Bayeux are not good, and this was no exception. The people are nice, but the amenities are double meh. For starters, the hotel is actually 2 hotels, one side acting more like a hostel than a hotel…bad luck for my parents but it worked out in the end. Their room was indeed small and their bathroom was hurting.

My room was fairly roomy to be honest, with a fine bathroom and walkable access to the lobby and bar. My TV was one of the joke sizes that they give away in cracker jack boxes and as far as any other amenities are concerned, I did not find them. Like, it did not even have AC, and the furnace type heating element must of been controlled by master blaster in the basement, for I saw no temperature controls.
The bar area was perfectly fine with a completely out of place gigantic flat screen TV. Once you got a bartenders attention, usually because they were working the front desk also, they took somewhat good care, and the drinks were reasonably priced.
The breakfast was a stupid waste of money and should be avoided at all costs. Plus, you know, small French town, try to enjoy it.
Parking was uber convenient and I guess if I came back to Bayeux, which I won’t, I could see staying here.