Gansevoort NYC (Meatpacking)


Lobby is cool but slightly cramped with a bar off to the side and a pool table – room was great, suite style with the bedroom and sitting room separated, full bathroom with good shower in the bedroom, full bath but no shower in the living room. The living room has a pseudo balcony – movie system was old school with meh selections but it did have 24 hour action – mini bar was fully stocked – room service offered 24 hours, good selection but it comes from a neighboring restaurant rather than the hotel itself – multiple closets and all the other standard amenities – rooftop acts as a hotel guests only pool and lounge during the day and a drinking lounge at night, the pool itself is small and there are literally 6 chaise loungers along with some random couches and reclining lawn type chairs. The view is sick however. If you can nab a chair (and not literally right in front of the entrance like mine) then I could see staying here for a while on a nice day.
The spa was downstairs and has unisex hot tubs and steam rooms.


–The meatpacking district is pretty sweet on the weekends. I mean you are at one of the epicenters of smoking hot women going to clubs all around you.