We got a junior suite here. The room was big and was laid out nicely. The hotel has multiple towers and our tower was not exactly on top of the lobby area. Walking to the elevators wasn’t too bad but I do prefer to be closer. This place is not going to have any amenity issues. It is a giant megaplex. It feels like a casino without the gambling…what a bummer. The pool area is sprawling but kind of like a concrete and Astroturf jungle. I was actually quite disappointed. It’s also very far from anything you would want to visit in Miami.

The club is good, without question. The main lobby gets packed with people just hanging around or waiting to get in. I would come back to have a drink at the lobby bar and people watch, but this hotel is not my style for overnight stays.

As a sidebar, the second level has a number of conference rooms that they seem to keep unlocked much of the time. Makes for a pretty sweet stopover if you and your girl can’t wait for the room…and why wait.