Finest Playa Mujeres


So there’s no getting around it, this place is pricey. If you add up what you could spend on a non all inclusive hotel, and then what you would spend daily on breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks, most people would probably not come close to the daily total that this place charges…but then again most people do not consume on our level, we are experts. In any case, we wanted 2 things, a resort where we had to worry about absolutely nothing, and the best place we could possibly find. So while we are normally fundamentally against all inclusive resorts, they do have their place, and traveling with a 7 month hold is exactly that place.

You must upgrade. You must. The “Finest” level, which is the highest level if you have a child, or the “Excellence” level, which is the highest level if you don’t have a child, are a must. The resort is full of signs about this only being allowed for this or that and whom. If you aren’t one of those categories, you will be sad. The amenities aren’t even that important, but having to talk to your girl over and over again about not being able to go to some place would infuriate me. Upgrade. Even if you have a kid with the Finest level you can go to all of the excellence shit if you are without the kid that night.
I would add that the “extra” levels also have a couple bars and restaurants that you can only access if you have that status. We happened to have one directly across from our room for example, and it was always empty and we could get snacks and drinks quickly. We loved it. The concierge areas also have private bars but these were small and weird…

Get a room with a pool. We thought the ones that opened up to the long shared pools were killer. We got my folks the loft version with the plunge pool on the roof, but didn’t find that nearly as attractive as the swim up action (strangely none of the swim up spots actually go to the main pool, but they are big enough to do just about anything you would want). They also have private plunge like pool rooms where the pool is right in front of the suite, also nice, but the swim up is better and provides plenty of privacy as well. We even switched rooms to be more a part of the main pool action and still felt secluded but also close. It was perfect.

These rooms also have giant outdoor areas with both stationary secluded day beds and mobile day beds. They have giant Jacuzzi tubs and huge bathrooms. There really were zero complaints about the rooms. We had to call down for them to refill our wine stash a few times but who’s perfect 🙂
The shower is big enough for 10 people but perfect for 2. We did wish the bathroom itself had some kind of a door to it as the toilet area was enclosed but still kind of exposed to the room (you might need to turn on the water or something to feel comfortable in there! haha)

The resort itself is beautiful. It was only 3 years old upon our arrival and it felt like it. Nothing had any wear and tear. There were bars everywhere you looked and the restaurants were never full, even though the resort was (now that may have something to do with our kid going to bed at 7 so we ate at 5:30 but whatever). Room service worked great. Bar service around the pools worked great.

The restaurants themselves are somewhat spartan but they did a pretty good job. It was fine. The food in general was very good and actually surprising. The tapas place blew us away. They could’ve served garbage but they actually tried! It was wonderful. The things that sucked were the typical tourist trap type things. If you say lobster people gonna jump, but obviously you aren’t getting what you expect, so if you come in with well traveled expectations, you will be more than happy.
The main breakfast place was the jam and offered basically every breakfast food you’ve ever had anywhere in the world. It was truly remarkable. They even had very well done done kids food areas, gluten free areas, etc. The breakfast experience every single day was a big time highlight.

The spa was expensive but pretty cool. With your finest or excellence club status you get a free 50 minute spa amenity experience…the thing you would typically get for free just by booking a treatment costs money here, but it costs money for a reason! They guide you through everything you would typically do quietly by yourself, and I mean full on guide you. There are probably 20 different things ranging from the obvious different temperature plunge pools, steam rooms, and saunas, to the walking on “smooth” stones (ow bitch!), car wash shower stalls, and dumping cold water from a bucket on your head, no me gusta!
I suppose this was a cool experience, but I personally did not love it. Let me chill at my own speed in your cool amenities. Anyway, our dude was nice and they end it with a pretty sweet scalp and shoulder massage.
The massage that we booked after was perfect. The masseurs weren’t lookers by any means, but they knew their shit, and we appreciated it.

Notes to Self:
-They had ridiculously priced wine menus at every restaurant. I mean 3 times the US price for fairly pedestrian wine. The house/free selections were just fine, though there weren’t many of them. Overall the bar selections were good though. I never truly felt needy in that department…though maybe ketel one or titos would of been nice 🙂
-We did tip a number of times even though they said not to. The folks definitely appreciated it big time. And when you are the only ones at breakfast blowin through mimosa after mimosa I feel like you can throw a few bucks your guys way
-Our kid wasn’t old enough for the kids club but people were leaving their kids in this place all day long. It honestly looked like the kids were content, and ours seemed to like the giant (to a kid) water park structures they offered. We saw kid yoga which was pretty funny too.
-I’m glad we went to isla mujeres, but the ride from the hotel to the ferry was much longer than I expected…
-I got into quite the argument about a late check out on our last day. It was an uncomfortable fight! …but I won 🙂