Washington DC

Ahhh, The Nation’s Capital. For a long time DC didn’t get any respect. Kind of run down, kind of drab. It was a place for politicians and consultants and the military. After many years of revitalization, DC is now surging. It has completely transformed itself into a place for politicians and consultants and the military, ha.

Kidding aside, DC now has construction projects going up everywhere. It has a waterfront project currently under construction that is going to blow people away. It has a fantastic sports culture. It has great restaurants and great bars.

One can hope, that at some point all of the hotels stop being an homage to Colonial Times and DC gets a truly unique and cool hotel, on the inside and out.

Notes to self:

-If we keep climate out of it…and the lack of skyscrapers…and the lack of a beach…DC is easily my favorite city in the world.
-I always think that being slightly high up for Caps games is best so you can see what everyone is doing…well fuck that. Primarily because who cares, and secondarily because being close is just fun. Be in the middle or slightly off to where the caps shoot twice and as close as you can get. The club section is meh.
-The Dad seats at FedEx are hard to beat (40 yard line 13 rows up), but I would say if you want to fully chill and avoid the potential dickface yelling/violence/ridiculousness then the club section can be nice. The problem is the restaurants kind of suck (they don’t offer full menus), the bathrooms have far fewer toilets resulting in similar lines, and the “noise” can be somewhat muted. Additionally, the dream seats are awesome. It’s pretty fucking cool to be that close. I would say being on the Skins side would be better. I’d also say front row is better than second, and if they only offer second, consider the row right behind the dream seats (first row of the standard section), they have tons of room and a giant wall that you can rest your feet or drink on. But I’d go with first row of dream every time (amazing view, free dogs, free sodas, and easy access (wide rows).
-Kennedy center doesn’t really have a bad seat in the house. If I had any pick, I’d choose the first row of a box on either side of the stage, or the first row of the second level (not really the second level but the boxed area just on the outer rim of the orchestra). Outside of that, get on the aisle cause they pack your ass in and the seats are tight! No drinks in the theater…double double meh.
*This has now been confirmed, bet seats in the house…and bathrooms right outside your balcony.


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