Arriving in Venice is tough. I came on a train and was immediately thrust into one of the most confusing and amazing scenes one could imagine. They say that there is only one place you can get to easily in Venice…lost. And it’s so true. Though I learned that city quite well after lugging my bag over the apparently 10 thousand bridges one must cross to get to my hotel…probably should’ve checked that prior to arrival.

Anyway, what a magnificent place. I really couldn’t believe it. Definitely the type of place that one should go with their significant other. Also definitely the type of place one should go to with a ton of patience (crowded as all hell, no significant directional signage to speak of, addresses that make no sense, and easily the most dead ends of any major city). But it is great. It smells like shit and will annoy the hell out of you, yet with every turn you really can’t believe where you are. Walking those tiny corridors at night is definitely a travel highlight of mine.

The city closes early. I found this amazing restaurant tucked away in the most impossible of locations (took me an hour to find it, called Taverna Remer, don’t try to find it as I’m not really sure it’s there). Once I was done, the city had become deserted.

St. Marks’s square is hard to beat and canal tours really are amazing, and the transportation system in general is just cool. Would I go back…probably not unless my companion had never been and was dying to go.

Sooooooo, my girl had never been and was dying to go so I went back! haha. We had an amazing time and stayed in a sick hotel, kinda far away, but walkable, and the style was perfect for us. PalazzinaG is worth checking out!
We took a private gondola to our hotel upon the train arrival this time, huge F’ing difference from my first go at it. Plus we agreed to drop off these girls going back to a cruise ship and it was pretty damn interesting to basically pull a canoe right up against what was the largest cruise ship in the world at the time. Expensive ride, but worth it.
We did everything you would expect and explored everything. It was fantastic, except for the crowds…they still suck, but we are all part of the problem eh 🙂

Notes to self:

-Spring for a private gondola ride if you’ve got a lady with you…the ones with others just aren’t the same thing
-Don’t walk anywhere with your luggage…like nowhere. It’s just not worth it.
-Hotels are almost universally meh in Venice. I really didn’t find any solution to that problem that is worth mentioning. And they are pricey. Like are you fucking kidding me pricey (for shit). Go for a view…that’s the only real bet to make (we now realize that this is mostly only true if you want to be next to St. Mark’s, regal and mostly lame, but we found a money hotel a little further out…).
-Dining in one of the cafes on the opposite side of Rialto bridge was pretty cool. Lot’s of nice hidden finds over there (not the ones facing the Grand Canal, though those patios are pretty sweet as well).


Hotel Monaco and Grand Canal (Oct. 2013)

PalazzinaG (June 2016)