Telluride, CO

Other than it being expensive, it’s be really hard not to like Telluride. It’s pretty amazing that it even exists being so buried in the mountains like it is. We actually drove from Denver and I’m telling you that was a hell of a thing. I think the temperature went down to minus 20 at one point, and you’re in the middle of nowhere so a car break down is like certain death! Anyway, the town is littered with rich communities and then has the “city” which is as charming a winter main street as one could get. There’s not much off the main road that would interest the casual visitor as far as I could tell, but main street is so warm and inviting with cool shops and plenty of bars and restaurants. You get from valley to valley and peak to peak by gondola…which is so cool (some of the best views in the US). The snowboarding is unbelievable. I took one trail where it seemed like they just nailed a sign to a tree. I saw no “trail”, but I did it anyway, and I killed it…and by killed it I mean I hopped from being buried in a 6 foot snow bank to being buried in a completely different 6 foot snow bank (east coasters aren’t taught how to ride powder!).

Notes to self:

-Fly into the airport closest to Telluride.
-Rent a house with a hot tub and bring a girl you like. In fact, bring lots of girls.
-Go back to Telluride (perhaps after trying Aspen and Vail)


Jan. 08 – Stayed in a house…but it was cool, and you could call their car service from anywhere and get picked up…nice touch.