Not kidding, I have never been to a place with more scantily clad, beautiful women walking around than Sydney. I am not easily in awe, and I am in awe. These girls are smokin’, with sick bodies that they flaunt with all the confidence in the world. If this place wasn’t a million miles away I would live here. It’s that kind of city. For the most part it’s very walkable. It has superstar beaches, some of the best restaurants in the world, style that could rival any city in the US easily, beer everywhere, legalized prostitution (not that I’m saying it matters, but they are liberal in the right ways), people are all nice. The only downside I could argue is that I hate the cabs. They are too pricey for what you get…and if I’m saying that then it’s bound to piss off any non Australian.

Notes to self:

-Watch that airport cab…sneaky fucking Russian charged me 84 bucks…and when I called him a thief and balked he looked me straight in the eye and said that’s the price…it should’ve been about 50…no traffic. So fuck that fucker.
-Go to Bondi, eat some food in a café, do the cliff walk to Bronte, walk along the beach, and ogle.
-Bronte beach has almost nothing at it, so be careful to carry what you need when you walk away from Bondi. I figured I could buy a towel when I got there but nada! I laid out on my shirt.
-People say you should hit up Icebergs at Bondi. I did to hit the bathroom! but was underwhelmed by the bar areas and the pool looked liked like what you would find at a public pool in Russia or something. That being said, it’s pretty sweet to have waves crash into the very pool you’re swimming in. Nice views from the deck, but you see the same from the path you will be walking on.
-Go to the establishment hotel. If you can’t stay there then visit their restaurants and bars. The place just exudes style. Mr. Wongs is one of the better looking restaurants I’ve ever been in (it’s like an old school factory or something).
-Kings Cross might very well be the best weekend nightlife spot in the world. Not kidding. Hot women everywhere, pubs everywhere, strip clubs, brothels, there was even a tiny casino, there are cabs nonstop, there is food available all night. I don’t know what comes close to be honest.
-Air New Zealand Business lounge at the airport is pretty swanky.
“The Penthouse”…holy shit.


Establishment Hotel (Nov. 2013)

QT Hotel (Nov. 2013)