St. Maarten

St. Maarten is an amazing and beautiful place, but I still couldn’t resist posting this picture. There are two bars that sit right next to the beginning of the airport runway (Maho Beach). They land directly over your head and the big ones can literally knock you down. It’s awesome.

This island being French and Dutch means you get two vacations in one! Ha! Not really, but it’s still cool to check out the different styles on the island. I’ve been about 3 times and still find cool places to explore. My favorite place to chill is probably Gran Case on the French side. Great beach side food and cool shops and style. Philipsburg is much more developed and casinos can always be cool if the mood strikes.

I took a boat to Anguilla last time. Totally secluded and awesome. If you are with someone where you can take advantage of this…I would. Maybe not once in a lifetime, but pretty damn secluded beaches…ha. There is also a pretty sweet beach side lunch shack that I can’t remember the name of but it’s famous as hell. When I went they were “out” of food. I must of looked like an asshole or something cause everyone else was eating just fine 🙂

On our most recent trip we moved around a lot!
Anguilla – it was way too quite for us. Visiting is one thing, but staying was an exercise in patience. Cabs are not easy, and we even got picked up by a random resident because she could tell we were stuck in the middle of nowhere and were totally fucked. She was remarkably nice.
The ferry back to St. Maarten stops on the north side so we stayed in Orient for a night. Then we went to Maho in the south for some fun. Do the Rhino boats! This was so much fun. So much. Those little boats go really fast, and the snorkeling was great, the guides were great. This was an awesome choice for an excursion.
***You always think you like Marigot but you don’t. You like Gran Case. Marigot is the one where the cruise ships let off and everything is that crappy made for tourists shit. Gran Case is the authentic one with the real food and beach side restaurants and the sleep street lined with shops.
Orient Beach is the one with all the bars (we had a good time in Orient but our hotel sucked and we weren’t feeling the bars at the time…).

Notes to self:

-This island is one of the kings of private pools and villas…so find one for god’s sake


Coral Beach Club (Mar. 2010)

Sonesta Maho Beach (Feb. 2016)

Zemi Beach Anguilla (Feb. 2016)

Esmerelda Orient Beach (Feb. 2016)